Land Purchases

Scala Global are an established financial services firm with a bank of over 20 major land holdings.
We are currently working to expand our portfolio, consistently evaluating new potential land assets in order to assess feasibility for investment purchase. 
We have an intimate knowledge of the market and are able to purchase at a price proportionate to development potential, rather than for the value of vacant land in its current condition.

Selling to Scala Global can add value to the sale of your land

We provide an attractive alternative to the conventional system, enabling you to forgo agency commission fees and find value where banks are hesitant to purchase. This also means that you won’t need to invest time or resources in attempting to secure planning permission, or in later construction and property management.

What types of land do we purchase?

We welcome approaches from anyone with land to sell. Our team will evaluate the strategic value and topography of the site in order to assess viability for investment. 
While property is a long-standing and highly competitive means of investment, interest in vacant land is growing quickly as finite land resources decrease elsewhere. This means that our clients can potentially now see a higher return on land purchase value, that is not linked to fluctuating property market prices.  


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