About Us

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Who are we?

Established in 2005, Scala Global maintains  an advanced portfolio of land holdings across the UK.  We work in partnership with professional firms in order to maximise asset value and build client confidence in sites’ future progression.

What are our land assets?

Our assets are comprised of a range of different-sized plots of vacant land, each with easy access to residential infrastructure, such as roads, shops and schools, plus a clear local demand for additional housing in future.

Our managed portfolio currently includes over 15 major sites across the UK, and ever-increasing national housing demand means that we have optimised potential for our sites to gain value over time

What are our land assets?

Demand for residential property in the UK is consistently rising, driven by a combination of an ageing population, immigration, and the increased popularity of single-occupancy dwellings.

We combine our specialist industry knowledge with guidance from chartered surveyors to identify plots where the value of land has the potential to rise, allowing us to mitigate investment risk as much as possible.  

For more information on the land value of our holdings, please contact our team today.


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